When someone you love gets addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling, there is hope. There are helpful and sensible ways that AGRRC can offer in order to help manage the effects of such addiction.

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Amazing Gift of Recovery Rehabilitation Center is created in order to help our clients obtain knowledge that will be useful for their recovery in the whole process of their treatment and drug rehabilitation in the philippines. The concept of addiction will be more defined, along with the chronology of identifying this and other issues that should be addressed for strengthening our client’s recovery.

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AGRRC Rehab Phillippines : What We Offer


As part of our program, we provide therapies and counselling that would help our clients unload their burdens and worries in life. We offer either group or individual counselling. These activities varies depending on the cases of each client and the approach that the team agreed to implement.


This approach focuses on improving the behavior and character of each client depending on their own unique cases. Every individual has their own traits, character, personalities, and problems or burdens in life. Every individual also has different experiences in life which might be a triggering factor of being involve to substance use. Nevertheless, the substances that they use had an effect to their behaviors without our clients noticing it. in this approach we identify these changes and we help them to control such behaviors in order to prevent further conflicts to others.


This part of the program includes the members of the family of the client. Our rehabilitation center in the philippines team intend to help the family by educating them on the true meaning of addiction and the proper ways on dealing or handling a person with Substance Use Disorder. The family of the client has a big part of success or relapse of a recovery of a client, and that is the reason why we make this a vital part of our program.


Treatment of client with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) does not stop when the client step out of the facility. It is a continuum care and management as long as the client have the desire to stay sober. These includes individual and family counselling in order to have a close monitoring on the progress or changes on the client as he faces the realms of life outside the faclity.

AGRRC Treatment Modality

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12 Steps To Recovery

12 Steps and 12 Traditions of N.A

The 12 Steps Program is a set of guidelines well known all around the world and has been since adapted by the best drug rehabilitation center in the philippines to help overcome addiction. The 12 steps approach is spiritual-based accompanied by 12 traditions providing guidelines for group governance. These 2 has gained numerous success addressing a wide-range of alcoholism, drug abuse and dependency problems.

Counselling and Therapy

AGRRC has been using counselling and therapy as a technique for close interaction by our highly skilled therapists with our clients. We seek to uncover the root cause of drug and alchol rehabilitation center in philippines addiction and this modality mainly goals long term treatment. 

Counselling and Therapy

Hazelden Modality

Hazelden Modality

While Hazelden Modality is an evidence-based treatment practiced to treat drug and alcohol addiction, AGRRC integrates it with care as a holistic approach that addresses all aspect of healing – body, mind, and spirit. The concept is advocating evidence-based approach with ethical care,

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What we do & how we started

AGRRC is nestled in a 2,103 square meter property in the heart of a residential farm community in Brgy. Bucal, Amadeo, Cavite. Our facility is composed of a 470 square meter floor area in a two-story building which is allotted for the accommodation of the residents. It covers their dormitories, kitchen/ dining area, function/ multi-purpose hall, bathroom/ lavatory area. Another 365 square meter is allocated for the administration office where the personnel lounge, counselling/testing room, clinic, and receiving area for visitors can be found. The rest of the area is for outdoor activities of alcohol and drug rehab philippines clients.

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We offer a new home and a new life, for you and your family. We can help your loved ones recover from their addiction.

Let them renew their life here at  Amazing Gift of Recovery Rehabilitation Center one of the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Philippines.

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