When someone you love gets addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling, there is hope. There are helpful and sensible ways that AGGRC can offer in order to help manage the effects of such addiction.


Amazing Gift of Recovery Rehabilitation Center is created in order to help our clients obtain knowledge that will be useful for their recovery in the whole process of their treatment and rehabilitation in the Philippines. The concept of addiction will be more defined, along with the chronology of identifying this and other issues that should be addressed for strengthening our client’s recovery.

Occurrence of drug addiction is very prevalent in our country nowadays; it has been a world-wide issue for the longest time, and despite the existence of Law and Law Enforcement agencies that are engaged on controlling the extent of addiction in our country, still, drug abuse is being widely spread, without age limitation, nor gender preference.

Drug Treatment Center Philippines: Owner's Message

Due to this scenario that is happening in our country, a recovering victim of Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Mr. Reuben Aquino contemplate on putting up a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility that would help address the growing needs of individuals pinned down by this kind of disease. Through own experience, trials, hardships, he wants to share the “Gift of Recovery” that Higher Power has given to him.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in the Philippines in general terms, is the provision of one or more structured interventions designed to manage health and other problems as a consequence of drug abuse and to improve or maximize personal and social functions.

The nature of drug and alcohol treatment intervention being implemented at AGRRC is an Eclectic program. Our own modified type of Eclectic Program focuses on multiple levels, including:

It also offers education which includes lectures and discussions about addiction disease, its prevention, warning signs for relapse, how to live life in sobriety and other relevant lectures that are beneficial to the recovering addicts. Further, the program entails life change for the patient and understanding why he ended up with the problem in the first place.

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Helping the troubled

Building a strong support system is vital to recovery and the community we are in cultivates meaningful relationships, characterized by friendship, love and care. Let us be the community that will help .