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Frequently asked questions about rehab center philippines

Yes, we are a private free standing treatment facility.

We accept MALE clients only, no specific age limit as long as their condition can be accommodated in the facility.

Persons suffering from Substance Use Disorder (drug addict, alcoholic, gambling addict, online games addict, un-tolerable behavioral problems)

  • Board and Lodging
  • Everyday meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Constant Medical consultation
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Counselling and therapy
  • 24/7 security

Duration of our treatment program is minimum of 12months and maximum of 18 months. The termination or fulfillment of the program depends on the progress of the patient, and their capability to adapt the program.

Patient requirement:

1 Valid i.d (photocopy)
previous medical history if applicable
court order if applicable

Relative requirements:

2 Valid i.d (photocopy and original)
Signed MOA (to be provided by AGRRC)

  • Pre- orientation/ facility visit by the relatives of the patient
  • Signing of M.O.A
  • Schedule of patient admission
  • Once the patient is admitted, the relatives will bring the personal belongings of the patient that he will use for his stay in the facility.

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Let them renew their life here at  Amazing Gift of Recovery Rehabilitation Center one of the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Philippines.