When someone you love gets addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling, there is hope. There are helpful and sensible ways that AGGRC can offer in order to help manage the effects of such addiction.

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Our Approach



    This includes lectures and discussions, reading and watching of educational films.


    This includes individual and group counseling.


    This approach focuses on improving the behavior and character of each resident on a case to case basis approach.


    This includes the Co-dependent’s meetings, which intends to educate the relatives of a patient ways on how to address and handle a recovering drug or alcohol dependent.


    Treatment for Drug dependents and Alcoholics continues beyond residential phase when the patient steps out of the facility. It applies continuing care as part of the recovery process. It includes N.A, individual counseling and other interventions needed.

AGRRC Treatment Modality

Treatment in general terms, is the provision of one or more structured interventions designed to manage health and other problems as a consequence of drug abuse and to improve or maximize personal and social functions.

The nature of treatment intervention being implemented at AGRRC is an Eclectic program. Our own modified type of Eclectic Program focuses on multiple levels, including individuals (client), their families, the immediate community they are involved in, and their wider social environment. This program is being guided by different approaches such as:

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12 Steps To Recovery

12 Steps of NA/AA

The purpose of Twelve-Steps is to invite members to engage in the journey of recovery and to serve as a resource in gaining personal understanding of the spiritual principles of Narcotics Anonymous. The steps are presented in a manner that encompasses the diversity of our fellowship and is reflective of the spiritual awakening as described in each step of N.A. It is also the most vital approach in the whole treatment process. It governs an individual in the process of accepting their powerlessness over drugs and alcohol until they reach the spiritual awakening needed to carry out the whole treatment program in all their affairs.

The Twelve Traditions explore the spiritual principles in each tradition, engage members with the spirit not the law of the traditions, and also provide a basis for thoughts and discussions. It serves as the cornerstone and the guiding principle for the whole group involved in the treatment program.

Professional Counselling and Therapy

Professional Counselling and Therapy

THERAPY is being utilized to address the problems of each client and there are different therapies that help address the needs of the client in a systematic way, separating the problems areas into different categories such as behavioural, cognitive, emotional, and relationship. The treatment will be focussed on particular issues emerging in each of those areas during the “Stages of Recovery” encountered by recovering clients during the whole rehabilitation process.

COUNSELLING is a process of establishing a cooperative relationship and then using that interpersonal interaction to help the client learn his or her desired appropriate behaviour. It also addresses the issues and problems that affect the well-being of the client. This is done in order to prepare the client to face the social and economic realities of their environment and offer treatment.

Hazelden Modality

Hazelden Modality

HAZELDEN MODALITY is an approach which helps the client slowly understand and accept the severity of the problem caused by drug or alcohol addiction. You don’t have to want to get sober, you just have to check in. It places a great deal of emphasis on the various forms of intervention that will be used in convincing the client on his powerlessness and need for help. It also covers coping in handling stress, anger, shame and guilt, depression, self-pity and loneliness.

Family Intervention

Family Intervention

FAMILY DYNAMICS APPROACH is a form of intervention which includes restructuring of the family, environmental manipulation, strengthening of family communication and discovery of family members, to help facilitate the rehabilitation of the drug dependent. One of the most effective ways is introduction to NarAnon. This aims to educate and heal every co-dependent, and to rebuild their relationship to a new and brighter way.

Behavioral Modification

Behavioral Modification

BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION is a technique used to help improve the current behaviour pattern and the attempts to alter it for the better. The approach on this aspect depends on the results of the assessments to be done and treatment plan to be implemented.

AGRRC recovery patients gathering

Tools of Therapeutic Community

Tools of Therapeutic Community

THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITY approach provides a remedial environment where residents are assisted to help themselves with emphasis on the here and now situation. This aims to change the negative patterns of behavior, thinking and feeling that predispose to drug use and to replace them with the values that constitute a responsible drug free lifestyle. This therapy is based on peer pressure and finding one’s own strength in the group, it tears down denial and then helps build from there.

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